Areas of Expertise

We are a boutique innovative technology consulting firm with expertise throughout various industries. We specialize in the identification and application of groundbreaking digital solutions for our clients' emergent business requirements. We pride ourselves on the early recognition of technological opportunity. Our goal is to provide our clients with solutions for problems yet to be identified, and opportunities yet to be considered. Our expertise transcends niche industries, and is limited only to current partnerships and collective imaginations.

There are a number of challenges facing the agricultural industry. Rising costs, competition from overseas, and an ever-increasing requirement for increased food production to meet the needs of a growing global population have put a severe strain on the resources and viability of the industry. A digital transformation is underway, with new technologies such as drones, artificial intelligence, RFID tracking, and robotics vastly transforming the industry. PRI helps companies acquire and integrate the relevant technology, resulting in cost-savings, increased production, and higher profits.
Advancements in technology have completely revolutionized the automotive industry. Mobile connectivity, electric vehicles, digital assistants, autonomous vehicles, ride-sharing services, and on-demand repair services are some of the new technologies and services that have transformed the industry and vastly altered customers’ expectations for what they expect out of a vehicle. As exciting and important as these new technologies are, customers still care about performance, reliability, and fuel efficiency. PRI helps companies in the automotive industry combine old expectations with new technology and ultimately exceed customers’ expectations.
Customer service is an often overlooked aspect of a company’s overall strategy. While companies must continuously worry about attracting new customers, they must also concentrate on retaining current customers. As important as customer service is, it can also be prohibitively expensive, regardless of whether companies use an in-house solution or partner with a third party. PRI leverages cutting edge technology such as video messaging, mobile access, and AI-powered chatbots in order to provide companies with a customer service strategy that is cost efficient and improves customer satisfaction.
Customer Service
Financial institutions must embrace technological innovation and emerging technologies in order to increase business, protect customers, and streamline operations. New, innovative technologies and start-ups are disrupting established firms within the financial industry, but they can be an asset if companies plan accordingly. PRI leverages our expertise and insight into mobile banking, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, chatbots, biometrics, peer-to-peer payment and lending technology, blockchain technology and smart contracts, and cybersecurity to help financial companies positively transform their strategy, operations, and business opportunities.
The manufacturing sector has also been heavily transformed by the digital revolution. Manufacturing is rapidly changing and companies must be prepared to change with them. We partner with manufacturing companies to adopt new digital operations and methodologies, create additional business models and markets, and streamline existing systems. At PRI, we help our manufacturing clients achieve complete digital transformation, resulting in lower costs, higher profits, and more satisfied customers.
We assist companies from across the tech landscape strategist, innovate, and capitalize on their greatest strengths. Whether your company is an established industry leader or a brand new startup that is part of the software, hardware, social media, information security, IT, e-commerce, or cloud data storage industries, PRI has the answers. We will ensure that your tech company balances short-term organizational flexibility with long-term growth strategy, while still increasing profitability and staying competitive.